Our offer is very deep

We produce stands, racks and feeders; phone holders, menu boards, price and product describing tags and holders; business card holders; advertising pillars; holders for presenting laptops, books, shirts, remote controls; earrings, glasses, pens and wine bottles. Stands ideally suited for any promotional activities. LOOK OUR GALLERY AND PRICE LIST.
Clip frames is a good choice for people, who want decorate apartament, office, school… We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes. Our products are made from hight quality materials. They are stable, look aesthetically and have a good price. LOOK OUR GALLERY AND PRICE LIST.
Strip curtains can be used on any clear opening that requires strong insulation (temperature, noise, dust, draughts). They also reduce the constrain noise from spreading and reduce niose pollution. They can be used over any opening including windows, pedestrian or vehicle doorways or as partition walls. PVC strip curtains are flexibility and movement on the hanging system.

We offer hight quality, extruded flexible PVC strip rolls and accessories: hangers for PVC strip curtains (plate and coumb mounting). We made PVC strip curtains on request too. LOOK OUR OFFER AND PRICE LIST.
Our canopies (polycarbonate roofing) protect the door from excessive sunlight, rain, and greatly improve the aesthetics of the entrance elevation. Polycarbonate roofing are made from hight quality of plycarbonate sheets. Our employees take carre of evrey detail of our product. We offer canopies in two colours: transparent and brown. LOOK OUR OFFER AND PRICE LIST
Cellular and solid polycarbonates are excellent substitutes of glass which are not conceding to it in light transmission. Cellular and solid polycarbonate is much stronger than glass and more heat-resistant. They are simple in application types of plastic and easy for construction, usage and disposal.
Cellular polycarbonate (PCP) is a specific plastic, which is manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate. PCP is resistant to low and high temperatures, fire-proof, thermoplastic and durable. Besides, cellular polycarbonate transmits light. PCP represents the high-quality synthetic polymer responding the most strict ecological requirements, properties and which stability allow to carry it to plastic materials of an engineering class with combined on a high level mechanical, optical and heat insulation characteristics that has opened to this plastic wide road to application in modern construction. On appearance reminding acrylic glass, polycarbonate on the properties has no analogues among applied polymeric materials.

Solid polycarbonate is so strong that it is used in aircraft engineering, i.e. for manufacturing of cabins. Solid polycarbonate is a fine protection against vandalism; therefore it is applied in manufacture of advertising constructions, display cases, pedestrian crossings, street lights, coverings of buildings. For modern design it is interesting to mention that solid polycarbonate is represented in several types: solid polycarbonate standard, solid polycarbonate with a sun-protection covering, fire-proof sheets and even solid polycarbonate with a stamping and various tint coatings. LOOK OUR PRICE LIST.
Poly(methyl methacrylate) PMMA, plexiglass is atransparent thermoplastic, often used as a light or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Chemically, it’s the synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. There are many possibilities of machining plexiglass. It covers a lot of applications in many branches of industry.
  • walls and ceilings
  • skylights
  • glazing for doors and windows
  • market halls
  • protective glazing
  • glasshouses
  • apparatuses
  • shower doors
  • reflectors
  • advertising materials: boards, decorating elements and stands.


  • high transparency (92%),
  • machinability,
  • resistance to UV radiation,
  • working temperature up to 70C,
  • good chemical resistance to  non organic substances, acids, salts and others.
We offer panels of different types – extruded, used in solariums and for mirrors; panels scattering light that can be used with LED or black & white type of diodes. LOOK OUR GALLERY AND PRICE LIST.

We offer welding and processing of syntethic fibres. Inquiries are passed on to a production hall where the preparation of the intermediates and their processing with the use of specialist machinery:

  • laser machine
  • milling plotter
  • mechanical press
  • sheet metal guillotine
  • acrylic bending machine
  • tube bending machine
  • desk milling machine
  • welding power supply
  • lathe
  • riveting machine

The last stage is packing and delivery to the customer.

We offer soft PVC glass (thickness 1mm), which can be used in convertibles different types of cars: BMW E30, BMW E36, Audi 80 B4 Cabrio, Renault Megane, Fiat Barchetta and many others on the size specified by the customer. W also offer glass for farm machines and boats (yachts) made of solid polycarbonate. LOOK OUR OFFER.